Route and Van Sales

Grow accounts and manage your routes with XMC. Sell from vehicle/local inventory, or place backorders to be shipped from the warehouse. Because XMC is in sync with your ERP in near real time, you always have up-to-date customer and product information. And more time for customer relationships, increased sales, and new business.​

Route and Van Sales 1 v2

Route and Van Sales Powered by XMC​

2Daily Planning

Effective Daily Planning​

The more customers you visit, the more sales. XMC enables you to plan your routes dynamically and responsive to your customer’s needs. ​

2Optimize Load

Optimize Inventory Load

Always have the right products on hand. Trucks can be loaded based on anticipated or actual demand. XMC keeps perpetual inventory for you, including support for lot/serial tracked items, helping you minimize inventory loss.

2Route Transactions

Easy Route Transactions

XMC provides a full range of sales transaction capabilities – route sale invoices, deliveries, returns, completion of delivery, payment acceptance and more. With XMC you can even record 'No Order', helping to inform frequency of visits, or whether you are losing business to a competitor.​

2Gather and Share

Gather and Share Key Information

Route Sale reps may benefit from powerful intelligence and productivity tools such as Surveys, Tasks, Documents, Reports, Photo Tags, and more. Important KPIs are available to help you better understand and serve your customer.​

2End of Day

End of Day Routines

Minimize disputes and track down variances easily. Account for inventory, payments and sales to ensure the needs of your financial accounting team are met. Proof of Delivery such as electronic signature, photos, date/time stamps, etc. flow into your ERP and can be added to your ERP forms. Each route driver can access Route Settlement info from their mobile device. Accounting can access the same in the XMC Management Console.​

XMC Drives Sales and Greater Visibility

Warehouse Automation

Picking, loading, unloading, put away.

Routing and Logistics

Optimize and plan routes, dispatch delivery orders.

Route Accounting

Product and payment reconciliations by warehouse and driver.

Mobile Intelligence

Daily sales planning, alerts, reports, dashboards.


Credit cart (Paya), C.O.D., check, on account.

ERP Integration

Unbelievably flexible web services API, full posting control

Survey App

Merchandising, planograms, competitive intel, customer behaviors, vehicle compliance and safety.

Assets and Equipment

Drop off, placement, pick up, repair, tracking.

Education and Training

Use XMC as a training and education hub. Share PDFs, Powerpoints, Word, Excel docs. Use surveys to build new product quizzes for your sales team. (they work!)

Tasks and Smart Memos

Assign critical and route tasks for your field reps. Use smart memos to guide transactional steps with remarkable precision. 

Photo Tags

Photos enabled transactions and surveys. Create your own tags too. 

No-code Customizations​

Pass your ERP's custom data easily enabling personalized info requirements of any nature. Or create mobile-only attributes. No coding required.

Printing and Emailing

Support for Apple AirPrint and Bluetooth printing options, Email transaction receipts from mobile, or utilize standard Sage paperless functions


Install and maintain confidently in your own server environment or secure in a private cloud.​

Scanning Bar Codes

Scan on and off the truck, even right to the customer shelves. Even Lot and Serialized items. Simply use the built-in camera, or rugged sled options available. 

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