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Your Business is Unique, So is XMC

DSDAssets and equipment copy 4  Direct Store Delivery

XMC provides all the tools you’ll need to organize your day, sell with confidence, delight customers, all while keeping inventory & payments under control.

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2routesalesAssets and equipment copy  Route & Van Sales​

Get the most out of visits to your route customers. Refresh stock, introduce new products, handle everything easily on your mobile device.

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routedeliveryAssets and equipment copy 2  Route Delivery

Plan and prioritize the most cost-efficient routes, while meeting tight customer delivery windows, and allowing your driver/reps to visit more customers daily.

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keyfeaturesAssets and equipment copy 3 XMC Features

XMC improves and integrates your entire delivery distribution operations. From the warehouse to the driver to sales to customer service to accounting and IT ​

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Your Key to Successful Delivery Distribution

checkArtboard 1  Intuitive Mobile App

Serve customers with confidence, no internet required.

checkArtboard 1  Routing and Logistics

Optimize and plan routes, dispatch delivery orders.

checkArtboard 1  Mobile Intelligence

Daily sales planning, alerts, reports, dashboards.

checkArtboard 1  ERP Integration

Unbelievably flexible web services API, full posting control.

checkArtboard 1  Route Accounting

Product and payment reconciliations by warehouse and driver.


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What is Delivery Distribution?

Effective Delivery Distribution operations start with providing your driver/reps a handheld solution empowering them with everything they need to be successful out in the field servicing your customers. XMC’s creates a great user experience, giving each driver/rep exactly the tools they need, at just the right time.

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XMC - Built for Best in Class ERPs


XMC Mobile App

The XMC mobile application is native for iOS and Android. The functionality of this powerful, yet easy-to-use app, is permission driven to ensure successful customer visits every time.


XMC Management Console

XMC’s cloud-enabled Management console providers a comprehensive toolset to manage and plan routes, order dispatch, truck loading, market intelligence and critical ERP integrations.

ERP Integration 1 v2

Your ERP

Built by ERP experts to create the ultimate integration of Delivery Distribution operations with the rest of your ERP, XMC is ready out-of-the box for Acumatica, Sage X3 and Sage 100.

Kind Words From A Few XMC Users

XMC beverage web

We wanted the best DSD system in the world to run our business, so we turned to xkzero and that’s what we did.

- DJ Romano, President, Power Distributing & Romano Beverage

oil pour

Great product and excellent people. The application is easy to use, and the integration with the accounting (ERP) software is amazing. Tech support is prompt and reliable but rarely needed.

- John M., Controller – Automotive Fluids Distributor


XMC is a great solution for our client. The extent of the ERP integration was unexpected – it covers the entire delivery operation. Amazing!

- Rob N., ERP Software VAR

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