Management Console​

XMC Delivers Deeper Insights for Route Operations and Planning

Management Console

The Modern Web-Based XMC Management Console

XMC’s powerful Management Console is the hub connecting your operations, people, and the information you need to succeed.

Dashboards Reports and KPIs v2

Dashboards, Reports, and KPIs

The management console brings together all your critical information: Sales, surveys, service levels and other mobile intelligence are consolidated into intuitive dashboards and reports, providing your business with a competitive advantage. ​

Route Planning and Optimization

XMC has the tools to help you create the most effective and efficient routes possible, saving you fuel and labor costs, and ensuring that customer visits and deliveries are made on time. ​

For fixed routes, XMC allows for route assignment based on common geographical data, such as zip code. Assign routes, frequency of visits, with daily stop order sequencing. ​

For companies with routes that vary daily, XMC presents all delivery orders for dispatching with list and map views and will also auto assign deliveries to routes if needed. Create well balanced loads by monitoring weight and pallet counts versus capacity. Integrate XMC with your ERP picking and WMS process to view truck loading in progress.​

Automated route optimization is also available, creating the best route sequence based on driver/customer locations, current/anticipated traffic, and customer time parameters. ​

Route Planning and Optimization2
Route Accounting

Route Accounting​

One of the great benefits of having XMC is the powerful integration with your ERP, eliminating all kinds of tedious activities like chasing after drivers for paperwork, entering invoices and payments in the ERP, and scanning documents.​

XMC automatically writes completed deliveries, invoices and payments into the ERP, allowing you to review everything, then push the button to post. XMC integrates orders, invoices, returns, transfers and payments, in addition to proof of delivery data. Inventory on the truck can be tracked as a Warehouse in the ERP, and XMC will automate all the movements. End of day reports are available on each Driver’s mobile device, and those daily settlements are also available for you in the XMC console. You’ll be able to reconcile by route/driver, sales and returns, payments, and inventory quantities. Inventory returned to the warehouse can be associated with Reason Codes on your settlement report, making it clear which products are to be returned to stock, and which are to be disposed of, inspected, or reworked.​

Powerful Surveys and Compliance​

To know your customer is to love your customer. XMC comes with powerful Survey functionality that you can design and publish yourself. Learn more about customer behavior, and competitive challenges. Build Surveys for Compliance, with Vehicle Safety Inspections, Accident Reports, Planogram, and other Marketing activities.​

Survey Questions of virtually any type (Yes/No, Multi-select, Date, Time, Amount, Text, etc.) can be created. Any Survey Question can be photo enabled. Once your Questions are built, assign them to Surveys. Surveys can be mandatory or not, with effective dates. XMC allows you to assign Surveys to Customers, Routes, Trucks, Assets, and Driver/Reps.​

Powerful Surveys and Compliance
Proof of Delivery 2 v2

Proof of Delivery​

XMC allows you to easily resolve any disputes your customer may have about delivery. Every Transaction and Survey using XMC is Geo-coded and Date/Time Stamped. The XMC Management Console is the place where you establish all the ways you wish to capture Proof of Delivery. Enable unlimited Photos, require a Purchase Order number at the point of sale, deliver to Latitude/Longitude if no physical address exists. Capture electronic signatures, and the name of the person signing. Apply Reason Codes for modified delivery quantities or returns. Requirements can be turned on/off based on Transaction Type. All of the P.O.D. information flows through automatically to your ERP, meaning no more sorting through paperwork, scanning documents, and paper filing.​

Security and User Experience 

The Management Console is also the gatekeeper for access to all mobile devices and your ERP integration. Using XMC’s powerful role and user-based permission tools, the XMC Management Console can be configured for exactly how you work, ensuring that your team has the fastest, easiest, most meaningful user experience possible.​

Security and User Experience

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